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April 10 2018

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

October 31 2017

Best Ever Halloween Van Gogh Painter Costume

Hey What Do You Think Of My Halloween Costume? Do you like Van Gogh Painter Style?

April 20 2017

Vote Roulette

Click Pour Choisir Ton Candidat. Bonne chance !

May 12 2014

Computer Cruising: new picture trend at the office

April 16 2014

Banksy Mobile Lovers in Cheltenham

December 31 2013

November 03 2013

The 5by25 Meat Street Takeaway

The 5by25 Meat Street Takeaway is all about quick and simple street food that’s big on flavour, but easy on your budget. We want to show you how to cook and save money using great value beef and lamb cuts to make simple, tasty, street food dishes. Our Meat Street Takeaway recipes are perfect as […]
Tags: Viral Video

October 22 2013

Mastercom.me is for Sale

This blog mastercom is for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in acquiring it. Page Rank 4/10 Of course it will come with the facebook fanpage (13k+ fans). CONTACT    
Tags: Blogging Web

October 01 2013

Trust Buck par Irudia

Irudia – Agence de création Publicitaire, lance un nouveau site ainsi qu’une vidéo de présentation décalée et originale : « Trust Buck ». Trust buck c’est l’expérience que tout annonceur a pu ressentir au moins une fois avec son agence ou sa cible : scepticisme et incompréhension. Cette vidéo a pour but de mettre en […]

September 12 2013

Phonebloks: update your smartphone hardware

Great concept for a new kind of smartphone!

June 21 2013

Livraison McDonald’s à domicile c’est possible avec Tok Tok Tok

Se faire livrer son McDo, vous en avez révé ? Et bien c’est désormais possible grâce au service de livraison Tok Tok Tok. En 3 étapes, on peut se faire livrer tout ce qu’on veut, où on le désire. J’ai testé le service pour me faire livrer un McDonald’s. 1. Je choisis l’adresse où je [...]

June 03 2013

How Bitcoin works in video

I am sure you’ve heard about Virtual Currency and especially Bitcoin. This is how it works.

May 30 2013

Reverse thinking video by Oui marketing

Great copy probably inspired by this ad: the Truth but with a much better execution! Agency: Oui marketing, Montreal Copywriting: Julien Remillard Art Direction : Sylvain Daoust, Amélie Adam et Lauriane Pierlot Creative Direction : Sylvain Daoust Translation: Howard Shryer Filmmaking : Thomas Vannieu Music : L’Oreille

May 24 2013

Ibizious viral video for a crazy energy drink

That’s a punchy viral video for an energy drink! Advertiser: Ibizious Agency: Limón estudios

May 23 2013

Le nouveau parfum IKKS Belivieves in you en video

Voici la nouvelle vidéo pour le parfum IKKS Belivieves in you. Pour cette campagne, IKKS a choisi le musicien et mannequin Gaspard Menier pour incarner sa fragrance ! Excellent choix, non ? La bonne nouvelle, c’est que ce parfum sent très bon et plait bien aux femmes d’après les premiers retour que j’en ai eu [...]
Tags: Viral Video

Google Trend Visualiser: to see what’s hot in your country

Google has just released a very nice tool named the Google Trend Visualiser. thansk to it you can visualise what are the top trends on Google in real time.

April 24 2013

100 years of advertising evolution in 1 presentation

Great deck compiled by Jeremy Waite that shows us the roots of advertising to the most innovative advertising from nowadays.

April 16 2013

Can you pee when a hot girl is looking at you?

Great video that prouve a lot of men have issues in the men’s room when somebody is looking at them. Advertiser: LG

April 08 2013

Facebook Home ad video in Airplane

This is the first commercial for Facebook Home happening in an airplane…

April 05 2013

Facebook Home video presentation by Mark Zuckerberg

Great innovation from Facebook on mobile with Facebook Home that connects all your Android apps with Facebook.
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